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You'll get on the zoom call with Michael at your selected date & time, to discuss your clinic and how we can help to generate you more enquiries & bookings! (Note: you must turn up to the call on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, the call will be cancelled and you will not be able to book another).

Step 3: Chance to work together

After we have learned a little more about each other on our call and you have seen our proven process for getting you leads, we can discuss potentially working together on your business. We are known to make a very juicy offer at the end of the free demo calls, so come prepared with all questions ready to ask, so you are in a position to make the best decision on the call.

Here's what our clients have to say...

"$24,000 locked in within 30 days..."
Alex Viruet, SkalpX Milwaukee...
"We didn't expect to grow this fast. It's crazy!"
Daniel Mora, artist at SoCal Scalp Pros..
"I generated $21k in secured bookings in month one..."
Jackson Cross, Scalp Revival SMP...
"22 bookings in 30 days..."
Ana James, INKD by AJ...
"Simple, easy & effective. I've booked 30 clients across 3 months..."
Colin Smith, Evolution Hair Clinic...
"We've got 3 new clients in the past week alone..."
Alex Mckenzie, owner of Hair Savvy Studio...
"3 months of marketing paid for in 2 weeks of ads"
Craig Molyneux, owner of SMP Liverpool...
"The system just functions perfectly"
Matt Cunningham, Scalp Sense
“$100,000 IN 6 MONTHS" 🔥
Carlos Castaneda, Hatfish SMP
"10 new clients in the first month..."
Damon Lomax, Pacific Northwest Scalp Micropigmentation...
"I was getting clients...well, instantly!"
Douglas James, owner of Scalp Studio Scotland...
"I've been flooded with leads & calls!"
Wilson Mendoza, owner of SMP By Wilson...
“I was skeptical to begin with, but I couldn’t be happier now.”
Corey Curtis, owner of New Level Aesthetics
“There’s been weeks where I’m literally booking someone every day”
Lorena Peschechera, owner of Scalp Aesthetic SMP
"You could be next..."
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