"I went from a solo artist in a small studio, to a team of 5..."
Ana James, INKD SMP
“From a tiny booth space to a huge, high end studio in the heart of Indianapolis in just a couple of months.”
Joe Crone owner of Crone Ink SMP
“Nothing else I've tried can compare to the results I get with FYC.”
John Rosini owner of Scalp Aesthetics Buffalo
"$24,000 locked in within 30 days..."
Alex Viruet, SkalpX Milwaukee...
"We didn't expect to grow this fast. It's crazy!"
Daniel Mora, artist at SoCal Scalp Pros..
"I generated $21k in secured bookings in month one..."
Jackson Cross, Scalp Revival SMP...
"I wish I did it sooner!"
Michael Pickering, owner of My Transformation Perth...
"We've got 3 new clients in the past week alone..."
Alex Mckenzie, owner of Hair Savvy Studio...
"10 new clients in the first month..."
Damon Lomax, Pacific Northwest Scalp Micropigmentation...
"I was getting clients...well, instantly!"
Douglas James, owner of Scalp Studio Scotland...
"I've been flooded with leads & calls!"
Wilson Mendoza, owner of SMP By Wilson...
“There’s been weeks where I’m literally booking someone every day”
Lorena Peschechera, owner of Scalp Aesthetic SMP
“I'm closing 8-10 new clients every month from your marketing”
Antonia Magallon owner of Scalp 3D
“Beyond my expectations… I can’t sing your praises enough”
Sean McMahan owner of The Scalp Clinic Stafford
"$12,000 is what I brought in revenue last month"
Ray Cruz owner of 303 SMP Clinic
"Since the start of the year our growth has been non-stop"
Vincent Mulvey, owner of Ultra Scalp Ink
"You could be next..."
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The best investment I could have made!
Experts in both SMP and marketing. FYC is amazing.
More clients in 30 days than the prior year
I’m blown away by the results and level of customer service by FYC
Michael and the team have been gamechangers. The growth has been crazy

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